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Hands-on Instruction

The Skate 2 Score team focuses on the technique of skating and the way the body works. The goal is to teach each student how to get pressure into the ice to generate speed, working with each player to find their individual technique and to understand how to use it to their advantage. Learning the technique of skating, including strides, crossovers, forward to backward movement, stopping and balancing drills, will help skaters in every other form of their skating ability.

With their extensive knowledge of figure skating and speed skating, Skate 2 Score works with their students until they get it, and feel the right approach.

Student & Parent Testimonials

My son’s skating has improved greatly since he began training with Jacki. His balance, stride and overall skating ability have grown by leaps and bounds… Jacki is demanding, but kind. I have the utmost respect for her and her teaching methods. My son is becoming a better skater, has fun and looks forward to every lesson with Jacki. Training with her has been a tremendously positive experience for my son.

— Jeff Meyer, East Northport, NY

Jacki gives my son 100% and expects nothing less from him in return. Jacki demands respect and also gives respect. During his lesson she makes it fun and exciting (and also hard work) so that he is doing amazing things on the ice that he or I did not even realize he could do. I can not say enough GREAT things about Coach Jacki.

— Dawn Morriello

As the competition increases, as a hockey player, skating is the most important part of the game…In the past few years skating with Jacki, my skating has improved tremendously and because of that I am now more effective on the ice. Every time I step on the ice now, I have more confidence knowing how hard Jacki and I have worked to improve my stride, and it has brought my game to a new level.

— Dylan Holze – Long Island Royals U-16, National Champion

Simply put, I would not be where I am today without Jacki Munzel. Working with her when I was younger set the foundation for the skater I could become…Her unrivaled knowledge of pressure and technique have allowed me to excel at the Division 1 level…She is the best teacher because she is also the best student.

— Taylor Holze – BU Hockey

I’ve been a travel dad long enough to know that I have yet to see any trainer match Jackie’s passion of teaching…Jackie’s motto has always been to my boys “we will stay here this whole session until you get it right”. I have seen her multiple times on the ice cold surface of the rink using her hands to actually position a students blade to make corrections. That’s rare and I have never seen any other do this. My two boys have made remarkable gains with her and more to come.

— Neil Ambrosio

I have done many different on and off ice training programs, but none that compare to skating with Jacki. She will correct your stride making you faster and more explosive while giving you a great conditioning workout at the same time…I felt a drastic change during the game after skating with her. She is the best around and with her help I accepted a scholarship to play Division 1 hockey at the University of Massachusetts.

— KJ Tiefenworth

I started skating when I was 3 years old. I’ve played ice hockey at every level, all the way from mites, to prep school, to juniors, to now college…I can honestly say that skating with Jacki Munzel this past summer was the best thing that I have ever done to enhance my all around game. No other type of training benefits a hockey player more than power skating, and Jacki is the best at what she does.

— Peter Michailidis

I have been fortunate to work with Jacki for over four years. As her speedskating coach, I was able to observe her determination, work ethic, and incredible talent for skating as she strove towards her goal of qualifying for the 2014 Olympic trials. The level of performance she reached as a masters skater was nothing short of exceptional and is a testament to her athletic ability and her character, especially given the limited ice time that was available to her here in New York.  She truly is a role model.

I have also been fortunate to work alongside Jacki as a fellow coach.  Her multi-disciplinary knowledge of skating is unparalleled and this allows her to provide her students with the best of both worlds – the speed and power that she learned as a world-class speedskater and the balance and agility that came from being a world-class figure skater.   This expertise is coupled with a caring yet driven approach to coaching as she pushes her students to become the most efficient and effective skaters they can be. If you want to become a great skater, work with Jacki.

— Stephen Gough

Growing up Adam Fox spent hours and hours playing roller hockey in the basement of our house. His Dad had built a rink especially for him so he could play with his older brother, who played hockey as well. Adam’s Dad was inspired to build the rink because of his love for the game of ice hockey. This ultimately led Adam to love the game of ice hockey as well and became his passion. He was determined to be a great player and was instrumental in helping the teams he played on (most of his life he was on the LI GULLS) win high profile tournaments. Adam’s next challenge was to be invited to the USA NTDP tryout and to make that team. Adam attributes his skating time with Jacki Munzel instrumental in making that team. She knew what Adam needed and was passionate and dedicated as he was. Jacki takes pride in what she does and will work to get you to your next level.

A pleasure to know and work with.



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