From Our Clients

"As the competition increases, as a hockey player, skating is the most important part of the game.  More often than not, the better skating team will win the game.  In the past few years skating with Jacki Munzel, my skating has improved tremendously and because of that I am now more effective on the ice.  Every time I step on the ice now, I have more confidence knowing how hard Jacki and I have worked to improve my stride, and it has brought my game to a new level."
Dylan Holze - Long Island Royals U-16, National Champion

Speed & Power Skating

Focus on the technique of skating, learning how to generate speed and make it work for you.

Control Your Skating

• Gain More Power
• Improve Stopping Ability
• Find Your Center of Control
• Increase Endurance
• Improve Coordination
• Generate More Speed

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About Jacki Munzel

Competitor and Instructor

As a former National and World International Figure Skating competitor and medal winner, Jacki has always had a passion for skating. She started at the young age of 6 and quickly fell in love with it, skating first for fun and skill, then moving on to competition. She trained 8 to 10 hours per day, 6 days a week, up through her retirement from competition, learning to master the art of edges and gaining strength in technique and speed.

Since then she has gone on to instruction in power skating, and has coached players with the NHL, IHL, OHL and Division One college hockey. She also continues to coach National and International figure skaters. Jacki truly enjoys teaching those that want to be competitive and those that want to improve their skating abilities.

Jacki’s constant pursuit of understanding and the desire for speed have driven her back to competition in the sport of speed skating. She is proud to be a Gold Medal winner in the World Masters Competition in Germany 2012.

Hands-on Instruction

Jacki’s focus is on the technique of skating and the way the body works. She teaches her students how to get pressure into the ice to generate speed, working with each player to find their individual technique and to understand how to use it to their advantage. Learning the technique of skating, including strides, crossovers, forward to backward movement, stopping and balancing drills, will help skaters in every other form of their skating ability.

With her extensive knowledge of figure skating and speed skating, Jacki works with her students until they get it, and feel the right approach. She goes above and beyond to help her skaters because she truly loves the sport.

A Note from Jacki

“My goal in life is for each of my students to be a better skater than me! I want them to go out and practice their skill, and to teach someone else what they’ve learned. I want to constantly learn and grow as a skater. It makes me proud to see my students improve and really get it.

I put a lot of myself into my instruction and into each student. I truly believe every skater can benefit from speed and power skating instruction.”

~ Jacki Munzel