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Everything you need to know to improve your skating off the ice – with NHL skating coach Jacki Munzel. Powered by former NHL player Lubos Bartecko & biomechanics specialist Dr. Juraj Bezak.
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Professional Instruction

Jacki has always had a passion for skating and she works to bring that passion to all her students.
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One-on-One & Groups

Jacki works with each of her students in both group and private classes and clinics to help them take advantage of their strengths and develop proper techniques.
Lessons and Clinics

About Jacki

Jacki has served as a Powerskating Instructor for numerous teams National and International. She has worked for the NY Islanders training camp and AHL Soundtigers, NHL, OHL, College and Prep School and Jr players teams. As a National and World International Figure Skating competitor, the former founder & owner of S2S, Jacki Munzel has been teaching skating and power skating for over 35 years. Her focus on the technique of skating sets her apart from other skating instructors; she works with her students until they feel the right approach.

How Jacki Can Help

When armed with a solid knowledge of skating and generating speed on the ice, there are no limits to what you or your team can accomplish. Jacki provides skating instruction for teams, in clinics, and one-on-one, taking the time that each player needs to master their technique.

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Lessons and Instruction

Jacki’s focus is on the technique of skating and the way the body works. She teaches her students how to get pressure into the ice to generate speed, working with each player to find their individual technique and to understand how to use it to their advantage.

Lessons & Clinics

From Jacki's Clients

Prior to skating with Jacki, I thought I knew all there was to know about a stride: I was wrong. After every lesson I have with Jacki, I leave the ice with new knowledge and an improved stride. Just in three short years, I’ve excelled in all aspects of my game with simply perfecting my stride through Jacki’s lessons. She incorporates drills that will make you a better puck protector, quicker in transitional situations, more explosive in offensive rushes and much more. The most unique part of Jacki and her lessons is how she pushes us mentally and physically. Her lesson are challenging which requires resilience and determination. This strengthens our ability to fight through tough games, a bad shift, or injuries which is extremely important not only on the ice but of the ice as well. With out Jacki’s inspiring strength, knowledge, and passion I would not be the player or person I am today.

- Cailey Hutchison, Assistant Captain at University of Maine

I have been a part of many different training programs, both on and off the ice, but none that have compared to skating with Jacki. She’s adjusted my stride to get me faster and more explosive while improving my conditioning at the same time…I felt a drastic change in my game after skating with her. Even at the college level, I find that working on my skating with Jacki is just as important as anything else I work on during the off season. She provides the personal attention necessary to get her students to the next level and she customizes drills and lessons that are tailored to their needs. I started skating with Jacki when I was about 8 years old and my only regret is not doing it more often throughout my career.

• U-14 National Champion (Mid-Fairfield)
• N.Y. High School State Champion (St.Anthony’s)
• New England Prep School Champion (Avon Old Farms)
• EJHL Rookie of the Year (Boston Jr. Bruins)
• 2 time ECAC Cleary Cup regular- season Champion (Quinnipiac)
• ECAC Whitelaw Cup Champion (Quinnipiac)
• NCAA East Regional Champion (Quinnipiac)
• NCAA Frozen Four (Quinnipiac)

- Kevin (KJ) Tiefenwerth, Quinnipiac Division 1 College Hockey

I started skating with Jacki Munzel back in 2012, while playing for the Long Island Royals U16 team. Jacki came to our team and worked with us one practice a week to strengthen our skating skills and speed. She was instrumental in helping our team win a not only a State championship, but also a National Championship. After that year I have continued to work with Jackie in a group setting and individually during the summers. Jacki and I have worked together for the past 5 years and she has helped me to get back and exceed my skating ability after I suffered a broken ankle. She still continues to tweak my stride and balance as there is always something to make your skating stronger and faster. In addition to her tough skating lessons, she works on your mental toughness too. She does not go easy on you, but knows how to get the best out of you. I attribute much of my success in my freshman collegiate season to Jacki.

• U16 National Champion with the Long Island Royals 2012
• Avon Old Farms Best Offensive Player 2013
• Tri-City Storm in the USHL 2014
• Salmon Arm Silverbacks 2014-2016
• Salmon Arm Silverbacks RBC player of the month October 2015
• Canisius College ‘20
• Atlantic Hockey All-Rookie Team 2016-2017

- Nick Hutchison, Canisius College Forward

It is a real privilege to work with Jacki. She really understands the fundamentals of the stride breakdown from edge control, the proper use of hips, stride recover and other techniques in order to get that perfect glide. What I learned the best lesson from her is that my speed/power really came from working on the stride technique, not just from all the weight training. I wish I could start working with her as a kid and not wait until my freshman year of college.

- Keven Goumas, AHL, Swedish Hockey League

Jacki has not only made me a better skater but she has completely changed my stride. I’ve only been working with her for a year now and coaches and family members haven’t stopped telling me how much better it looks. She is an amazing teacher and focuses on little things that no one else focuses on. Eventually combining those concepts into one which made my stride into what it is today.

- Alexander Vukota, NCDC P.A.L. Junior Islanders

In today’s game at the college level nothing is more important than skating. Being able to skate powerfully in all directions gives a player a huge advantage in games. After just one full summer with Jacki I noticed a tremendous difference in my skating and overall play. Jacki taught me how to position my body and use all of my edges to get as much power as possible into every stride and crossover to make me both a faster and more powerful skater. Thanks to Jacki and Skate to score this has been my best summer of on ice training.

- Joseph Maguire, Brown University

Jackie’s coaching helped me bring my skating to the next level. Without her dedication and discipline, I wouldn’t be the skater I am today. Her training brought a whole new aspect to my game.

- Patrick McGrath, AHL Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, AYHL, QMJHL, ECHL

I have been lucky enough to be working with Jackie for about 3 years now, and the difference I have seen in my skating from then to now is amazing. I had always thought of myself as a strong skater but what Jacki has taught me has made me a stronger skater than I could have ever been without her coaching. I owe a lot of my success so far in my career to Jacki and I look forward to continuing to work with Jackie throughout my career.

- Conner Hutchison, Selects Academy U18, Committed to UVM, USHL and OHL draft pick

One of my biggest regrets was not training with Jacki Munzel earlier in my career. Jacki is more than just a coach that does skating drills, she has the knowledge and ability to work on specific skating techniques, which is one of the many things that separates her from other power skating coaches. She also has the ability to push her students to the next level both mentally and physically. Having the opportunity to work my way up and be given the chance to play NCAA DI hockey at Canisius College, I can honestly say that Jacki is one of the main reasons I have made it this far. I highly recommend players of all ages to train with Jacki because she has the ability to take you to that next level. I look forward to continuing my training with Jacki until my playing career is over.

- Jimmy Mazza

This was my first summer skating full time with Jacki and I can already say that I have seen tremendous improvements in my skating, which have also translated into my overall game. It did not come easy, but I enjoyed going to the rink and learning new things everyday about skating. Jacki really showed me the importance of the little details in my stride, like applying pressure, dropping the knee, using all of my edges and much more. This is only the beginning; there is so much more to learn from Jacki, and I am excited to continue to work with her.

- Dante Palecco, Yale University

Jacki is the best in the business. Skating has become the most important skill of the game. If you want to move onto the next level, you have to be a good skater. No matter what your skating abilities are, Jacki is extremely talented in evaluating your skating and knowing exactly what you need to do in order to improve your skating abilities.

Jacki has transformed my game. Quickness, foot speed, and efficiency are all aspects of skating that Jacki had helped me improved on. If you put the work in, and listen to what Jacki tells you to do, you are guaranteed to see improvements in your skating. Her approach to teaching and structuring her lessons make every lesson unique and challenging. It is the hardest 30-60 minutes on the ice and there is no better way to prepare and condition for the season!

- Kevin Lohan, Boston College, University of Michigan Defense

Growing up I was never the best skater. I always relied on my skill and hockey IQ to produce offense. Once I started skating with Jacki, she brought my skating to the next level and now it is one of my best attributes. Every summer when I come back home from my season I skate weekly with Jacki. She is very creative and always comes up with new drills every time I skate with her. She is also passionate and cares about her students and wants to see them succeed.

- Sonny Milano, NHL Anaheim Ducks

Growing up I spent hours and hours playing roller hockey in the basement of my house. My dad had built a rink especially for me so I could play with my older brother, who played hockey as well. My dad was inspired to build the rink because of my love for the game of ice hockey. This ultimately led me to love the game of ice hockey as well and became my passion. I was determined to be a great player and was instrumental in helping the teams I played on (most of my life I was on the Long Island Gulls) win high profile tournaments. My next challenge was to be invited to the USA NTDP tryout and to make that team. I attributed my skating time with Jacki Munzel instrumental in making that team. She knew what I needed and was passionate and dedicated as I was. Jacki takes pride in what she does and will work to get you to your next level.

- Adam Fox, NHL NY Rangers

Jacki is an amazing skating instructor who helped me take my game to the next level. Without her I would not be able to compete at the level that I need to. She is a hands on instructor focused on every detail of your skating stride in an effort to perfect it. Skating means everything in today’s game and her record of players she has helped moved to the next level speaks for itself.

- Thomas McGuire

I started with Jacki the Summer of 2014 and I couldn’t be more thankful for what she has done for my skating/development. I always needed to work on my skating to get to the next level and she did just that for me. She pushes me to be the best every time I’m out there on the ice , allowing me to become the best skater/player I can possibly be. Thank for everything Jacki.

- Shane Pinto, USPHL 18U

I have been working with Jackie and Will for over 5 years now. Jackie has helped me develop my stride and make me into the powerful skater I am today. Will coached me for 2 years and has continued to help me reach my goals of someday becoming a pro hockey player. I am thankful for all the help from them and how much they have developed me into the strong player I am today as I continue to move onto higher levels.

- Eric Linell, BCHL Coquitlam Express

Working with Jackie was one of the best things I did to excel while playing at St. Lawrence. Every time I stepped on the ice with her, 30 mins or an hour and a half, I knew I was going to get better. 30 mins might sound short, but don’t misjudge those 30 mins – it’s an uphill battle . But in the end I knew I was better for it.

I worked with Jackie for 3 summers while at school and in the seasons after I was awarded most Improved and the Perseverance award. Her passion to make you better day in and day out is first-class. Everyone who has worked with Jackie knows that no one compares. You will be pushed to your ultimate limit. I thank you Jackie for all your dedication and passion to help me grow as a hockey player and person.

- Alex Hagen

Jacki is an excellent skating coach. She emphasizes proper stride technique and she is able to quickly notice and correct even minor skating flaws. Her teaching abilities allowed me to improve ability rapidly and make a difference on my Division 1 ice hockey team.

- Mike Marnell, St. Lawrence University Forward

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