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Jacki has always had a passion for skating and she works to bring that passion to all her students.
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Jacki works with each of her students in both group and private classes and clinics to help them take advantage of their strengths and develop proper techniques.
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About Jacki

As a former National and World International Figure Skating competitor, Jacki Munzel has been teaching skating and power skating for over 20 years. Her focus on the technique of skating sets her apart from other skating instructors; she works with her students until they feel the right approach.

How Jacki Can Help

When armed with a solid knowledge of skating and generating speed on the ice, there are no limits to what you or your team can accomplish. Jacki provides skating instruction for teams, in clinics, and one-on-one, taking the time that each player needs to master their technique.

Lessons and Instruction

Jacki’s focus is on the technique of skating and the way the body works. She teaches her students how to get pressure into the ice to generate speed, working with each player to find their individual technique and to understand how to use it to their advantage.

From Jacki's Clients

  • As the competition increases, as a hockey player, skating is the most important part of the game…In the past few years skating with Jacki, my skating has improved tremendously and because of that I am now more effective on the ice. Every time I step on the ice now, I have more confidence knowing how hard Jacki and I have worked to improve my stride, and it has brought my game to a new level.

    — Dylan Holze – Long Island Royals U-16, National Champion
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