How We Can Help

From groups to one-on-one

Focusing on the technique of skating and the way the body works. She teaches her students how to get pressure into the ice to generate speed, working with each player to find their individual technique and to understand how to use it to their advantage. Learning the technique of skating will help skaters in every other form of their skating ability. Techniques include:

  • Crossovers
  • Strides
  • Forward to backward movement
  • Stopping and balancing drills

Jacki works with each student until they get it, and feel the right approach going above and beyond to help each skater.

Tools To Help With Skating

We are often asked if we have anything that could be done to aid in the understanding of our skating. Well we have found this product the exer-genie to be an incredible tool to aid in the off ice workouts that we do on the ice. We also use this product in our camps and clinics off and ON the ice. It provides perfect resistance to aid in the accuracy of the drill. If you click on the link below and put in the code word TRAINER you will receive  a 40.00 discount. Happy Training!

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Our Services


Jacki has had significant success working with teams including the Long Island Royals, Arrows, Long Island Gulls, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders Organizations from Squirt to Junior and many other travel, house and school teams. She also has worked two and a half years with Islanders, NHL, and AHL players.

Players can gain an advantage by mastering their own skills and re-learning the basics of skating. Watch this video from the NHL about Jacki’s success as an instructor.


For all age groups and levels, Jacki is available to instruct at your clinic, or can set up a clinic for your team. You can also sign up for current clinics that are being held. Walk-ins are welcome for any clinic unless otherwise noted, and you are welcome to stay for the whole day.

Private Lessons

For one-on-one private lessons, please contact Jacki  for an interview. Lessons are determined by age of skater and scheduling availability. Lessons are available with members of the team individually.

Group Lessons

For any group who wants to learn power skating techniques, contact Jacki for more information.