July 31, 2020

Growing up I spent hours and hours playing roller hockey in the basement of my house. My dad had built a rink especially for me so I could play with my older brother, who played hockey as well. My dad was inspired to build the rink because of my love for the game of ice hockey. This ultimately led me to love the game of ice hockey as well and became my passion. I was determined to be a great player and was instrumental in helping the teams I played on (most of my life I was on the Long Island Gulls) win high profile tournaments. My next challenge was to be invited to the USA NTDP tryout and to make that team. I attributed my skating time with Jacki Munzel instrumental in making that team. She knew what I needed and was passionate and dedicated as I was. Jacki takes pride in what she does and will work to get you to your next level.