July 31, 2020

Prior to skating with Jacki, I thought I knew all there was to know about a stride: I was wrong. After every lesson I have with Jacki, I leave the ice with new knowledge and an improved stride. Just in three short years, I’ve excelled in all aspects of my game with simply perfecting my stride through Jacki’s lessons. She incorporates drills that will make you a better puck protector, quicker in transitional situations, more explosive in offensive rushes and much more. The most unique part of Jacki and her lessons is how she pushes us mentally and physically. Her lesson are challenging which requires resilience and determination. This strengthens our ability to fight through tough games, a bad shift, or injuries which is extremely important not only on the ice but of the ice as well. With out Jacki’s inspiring strength, knowledge, and passion I would not be the player or person I am today.