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Check out the story of Jacki Munzel’s journey for the olympics. AARP’s site Life Reimagined has written a six part article on Jacki’s adventures in Speed Skating. Enjoy!

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Olympic Hopeful Jack Munzel

January 29, 2014

Check out the great photo article by the amazing and talented Brandon Flint. It is a fantastic photo essay on Jacki’s journey and story on training and competing for the Olympics. Brandon has taken some very elegant and intimate portraits of Jacki working her way through the Oylmpic Trials.

View the article here: http://brandonflint.com/blog/?p=1326

Jacki Featured in ESPNw

January 28, 2014

Jacki was recently featured in ESPNw for her Olympic bid in UTAH. The support and coverage for Jacki’s amazing skills as a speedskater have been fantastic.  For all the coverage and information visit the following link:

EPSNw – Jacki Munzel Keeps Skating »

Jacki was recently awarded by the Middle Atlantic Skating Association as Master Skate of the Year for 2012 – 2013.

A little about MASA:
MASA’s main purpose is to support and promote speedskating and its clubs within the boundaries as governed by US Speedskating (currently encompassing the lower New York Metro region and as far north as Newburgh, Connecticut and New Jersey), and is run by a board of volunteers who are all participants and supporters of the sport. There are currently four clubs in three states.

Skater’s Olympic Quest Continues Despite Sandy’s Setbacks
Posted by Joseph Kellard (Editor), April 2, 2013 – Long Beach Patch

Jacki Munzel, 49, qualified for national trials after suffering injuries and displacement after the storm damaged her home.

Jacki Munzel is a 49-year-old Long Beach speed skater who qualified for the Olympic trials, to be held in Salt Lake City in December, despite being displaced for 79 days after Hurricane Sandy. (Credit: Joseph Kellard).

As Jacki Munzel jogged past refrigerators and other foreign objects along the beach weeks after Hurricane Sandy flooded her West End home, she thought: “If Long Beach can come back, I can come back.”

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Fifteen seconds stands between Jacki Munzel and the Winter Olympic trials.

But the speed skater from Long Beach faces roadblocks: her age and, unlike her dominant Dutch counterparts, the inability to train regularly at a regulation-sized oval.

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We are proud to announce that Jacki has won the Gold Medal in the 21st Masters International Allround Games in Germany, March 2012! She is the Women’s Master World Long Track Speed Skating Champion, placing first in her age group

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Jacki Munzel has spent her life on the ice, content in any type of skates.

She was nationally ranked as a figure skater. Her career was fast-tracked toward the trials for the 1984 Winter Olympics

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Through it’s series The Making of a Royal, NHL.com featured Jacki and her power skating instruction for the hockey team’s players. Coach Pat LaFontaine gives his expert testimonial on the invaluable service Jacki has provided for his players.

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